Sutra is number one condom in Indonesia which has been present since 1996. With the international quality standard of ISO 4074, Sutra can provide maximum protection, thanks to its thin and soft features. Currently, Sutra comes in three variants, namely Sutra Merah, Sutra OK and Sutra RM. Sutra Condoms was awarded the “Youth Brand Awards” as a most loved condoms brand in Indonesia by men and women aged 18-35 years old for several consecutive years, starting from the year 2012 to 2016. Sutra also won several awards, such as WOW Brand Awards and Top Brand Awards.


It is also known as Sutra Merah, Sutra Merah is the most popular condom in Indonesia. It is an imported condom, which is soft and has extra lubricant to add pleasure and provide maximum protection. The Sutra Condom is now softer, thinner and smoother. It passes the electronic test with a perfect score of 100% and has the highest International Quality Standard – ISO 4074.

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© 2017 DKT Indonesia. All Rights Reserved.