DKT Indonesia Launches #beranidekat, Encouraging Indonesians to Speak Up About Reproductive Health

Jakarta, Indonesia: As the largest contraceptive social marketing organization in the country, improving access to contraceptives is one of DKT Indonesia’s key missions. As shown in Indonesia Demographic Health Survey 2017, there was a 4 percent decrease in modern contraceptive use by youth aged 15-29 years. The data reported that while people were moving toward a more progressive point of view on reproductive health, their point of view on contraceptives remained traditional. To address this challenge, DKT has launched the #beranidekat #beraniDKT (Brave to Get Closer, Be Brave with DKT) campaign to reframe the way Indonesians see contraceptives.

The campaign is based on the idea that Indonesians can take their reproductive health into their own hands by being knowledgeable about it. Education includes the consequences and risks of sex as well as an emphasis on breaking the taboo around the topic. The #beranidekat campaign seeks to highlight contraceptives as a basic human health tool that can protect Indonesian families.

Juan Enrique Garcia, the Director of DKT Indonesia asserts that “Berani Dekat means that DKT Indonesia aims to get “closer” to the Indonesian people in order to encourage them to speak up and be brave enough to change their perception about reproductive health and contraception. DKT Indonesia has served Indonesians for more than 23 years, and every year DKT protects more than eight million couples who use family planning methods and prevents 1,100 maternal mortality and 5,500 infant mortality deaths.”

The #beranidekat campaign will consist of two main activities: DKT digital content educating people about their reproductive health and contraceptive knowledge; and a pop-up booth targeting millennials, which will be held in various shopping malls in five cities. The booth will emphasize our ‘be brave’ message and inspire Indonesians to make the decision to stand for their reproductive health rights. It will include a fun, educational game and a quiz.

“We strive to realize a healthy Indonesia, and we want people to know that whoever and wherever you are, DKT Indonesia is always there to protect you. We help you to make the right decision by presenting many reproductive health choices and support you to plan a healthy and happy family, so your life may be more meaningful,” adds Mr. Garcia.

In addition to collaborating with the Indonesian government, in this case the Ministry of Health and BKKBN (National Family Planning Board), in the Family Planning and HIV Prevention programs, DKT Indonesia’s campaigns are designed to emphasize female empowerment. DKT Indonesia also partnered with healthcare professionals, such as midwives and doctors, for building capacity related to modern contraceptive technology. The partnership also aims to encourage such professionals to provide female-friendly services.

As of 2018, DKT Indonesia has protected more than 85 million couples in Indonesia from unplanned pregnancies and distributed more than 1.9 billion condoms to support HIV prevention. “With the #beranidekat #beraniDKT campaign, we are committed to make Indonesia a better place where every child is born because they are wanted, and every family has comprehensive information to choose the right contraception for them. And we constantly try to protect and be closer to the people,” said the Director of DKT Indonesia.

With ‘Berani Berencana’ (Brave to Plan), DKT Indonesia Encourages Indonesian Youth to ‘Take CTRL’ of The Future!

Did you know? It is estimated that 500,000 Indonesian female adolescents get pregnant each year, and 10 percent of adolescent girls aged 15-19 years old have already given birth or are currently pregnant[1]. Furthermore, only 52.7 percent of Indonesian youths have comprehensive knowledge about reproductive health[2]. The lack of access to reproductive health education in Indonesia is the main reason for these problems.

In August 2018, DKT Indonesia officially launched the Berani Berencana (Brave to Plan) program, a reproductive health education platform for Indonesian youths which is wrapped with a fun and reliable message. This program aims to improve Indonesian youths’ reproductive health knowledge with messages and approaches which suit young people.

In 2018, Berani Berencana educated 34,000 students at 209 high schools in 11 Indonesian cities. So far, more than 17 thousand young people are following Berani Berencana on Facebook and more than 6,100 on Instagram. On its Facebook and Instagram platforms, Berani Berencana develops daily educational content consisting of sexual health information, including basic knowledge of contraceptives, healthy relationship tips for the youths, as well as life planning tips. There is also a monthly Instagram live program with a youth influencer and expert, such as a doctor or psychologist. This program highlights themes related to reproductive and adolescent psychological issues, such as #selflove which was promoted in February 2019 to encourage Indonesian youths to love themselves unconditionally before they love others. Moreover, there is a monthly YouTube video, each with a different theme that could be enjoyed by youth while improving their knowledge about reproductive health.

Meanwhile, for its on-ground activities in 2019, Berani Berencana plans to recruit 180 Berani Berencana Ambassadors from 45 high schools in nine cities in Indonesia. All 45 schools will also send a teacher to assist the Ambassadors. These Ambassadors will be peer educators encouraging their friends on reproductive health education and also strengthening the school’s health program in their respective areas.

In addition, Berani Berencana plans to do a University Roadshow in nine universities in six Indonesian cities this year. The University Roadshow program will include a fun talk show, fun games, a mock up art installation, and sports activities.

For youth who want to share their issues on reproductive health and relationships, Berani Berencana also provides free consultation on the LINE Application @beraniberencana, website, and also WhatsApp number +6281113104512.

Follow the social media of Berani Berencana on:

Instagram:      @beraniberencana

Facebook:       Berani Berencana

Line:                @beraniberencana

Youtube:         Berani Berencana


[1] Joint Study of UGM & JHUCCP 2017

[2] BKKBN Data 2017

Fresh and Natural, Feel Comfortable All Day Long with Andalan Feminine Care Intimate Wash

Jakarta, Indonesia: New data reveals that 75 percent of Indonesian women have experienced vaginal discharge at least once[1], 50-60 percent of women in the world have experienced UTIs, and 80 percent of them have encountered possible re-exposure to UTIs[2]. In an effort to help women maintain optimal feminine health, Andalan has launched a Feminine Care Intimate Wash.

“A woman’s intimate area health can change any time. Internal factors, such as hormone imbalance, puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, giving birth, or even menopause; external factors, such as an unhealthy lifestyle or other bad habits; as well as environmental factors such as hot and humid weather can all affect feminine health,” says Aesthetic Gynaecologist,Dr. Dinda Derdameisya, Sp.OG

“Taking care of the intimate area is not an easy task. Using the wrong method can cause many reproductive health problems. Vaginal discharge, for example, is one of the symptoms of a problem in the female reproductive organs. Vaginal discharge, if not immediately and carefully treated, may also cause many problems or even a sexual transmitted infection,” Dr. Dinda adds.

To correctly maintain intimate hygiene, women should take the following steps:

  1. Always wash the intimate area with clean water.
  2. Change underwear at least twice a day if the intimate area is damp.
  3. Choose an underwear fabric with good air circulation that does not cause irritation.
  4. Use a suitable feminine hygiene product which contains prebiotics, natural components, and has a pH balance of 3.5-4.9, so it will be safe and able to provide intimate area health benefits.

Research carried out by Andalan Feminine Care found three main benefits of feminine hygiene care:

  • Confidence: Feminine hygiene care can significantly boost women’s confidence. For example, cleaning the intimate area prior to a sexual intercourse can help reduce unpleasant odor.
  • Happiness: It can improve happiness in women. For instance, cleaning the intimate area during menstruation may be helpful for women who experience a bad mood during that time, making life during the menstrual period feel easier.
  • Control: Feminine hygiene care can lessen and control fear and anxiety because it will ensure that intimate hygiene is constantly taken care of.

Andalan Feminine Care Brand Manager, Maharani Anindita, stated that feminine hygiene care in Indonesia still faces many obstacles, such as a misconception that feminine hygiene care products can adversely affect the health of intimate area. Some women continue to believe that traditional methods are far more natural. Thus, they still boil betel leaves as a traditional feminine remedy, although the health benefits of these methods cannot be guaranteed. Oher women even do not feel the need or urge to maintain their intimate area health at all.

To respond to the need for an ideal feminine hygiene care product, Andalan is launching a series of Andalan Feminine Care Intimate Wash products. These products target active and modern women. They contain many natural components, which are specially formulated to improve intimate hygiene quality, such as:

  • Prebiotics: Prebiotics like lactic acid, sodium lactate, and salicylic acid are effective in maintaining the growth of good bacteria (lactobacillus) and the pH balance of the intimate area. Thus, prebiotics is recommended for daily use.
  • Natural Active Ingredients: The products contain natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, chamomile, betel, and milk extracts for gentle and safe protection.
  • Clinically, Gynecologically, & Hypoallergenic Tested: The products have undergone clinical, gynecological, and hypoallergenic tests and are safe for sensitive skin.
  • Certified Halal. These products are certified halal.

Andalan Feminine Care Intimate Wash officially launched three main variants, namely:

  • Andalan Fresh Intimate Wash, for natural protection and all-day freshness, contains betel extract as a natural anti-bacterial.
  • Andalan Revitalize Intimate Wash, to revitalize the skin of the intimate area, contains Aleppo oak extract.
  • Andalan Natural White Intimate Wash, to brighten and recover the intimate area, contains white lily extract.

“Choosing healthcare products with natural ingredients is a consideration for the active and modern woman. Therefore, by launching Andalan Feminine Care, we hope to inspire Indonesian women to take a better care for their reproductive health by #beranialami (brave to be natural) and provide an option for feminine hygiene products which contain natural ingredients. So, the products can be ‘Andalan di Setiap Moment’ (Reliable at every moment) and provide natural freshness and comfort all day, Maharani Anindita concluded.

The Excitement of Andalan Freshtival

To widely promote a healthy lifestyle, including feminine hygiene, to Indonesian women, Andalan Feminine Care started the “Andalan Freshtival” during Jakarta’s Car Free Day on Sunday (17/3). The thrill of the Andalan Freshtival was started by Pound Fit workout with Astri Dewi as the instructor, where more than 200 women joined the activity. Furthermore, the event continued with the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Melissa Suryadi.

Andalan Freshtival visitors could also take part in a survey at the Moment of Truth booth. The survey aimed to find out how active the visitors were in sports and daily activity. The survey would determine the healthy lifestyle pattern of women residing in Jabodetabek, specifically their work-life balance. Meanwhile, in another booth, Reaction Challenge, the visitors measured their response speed in games.

Andalan Feminine Care Intimate Wash is now available at Guardian, Aeon, and online at Shopee.

[1] Wayan Mustika, et. al. in the Skala Husada Journal, Vol. II, 2014

[2] Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journey, 2013

Andalan FE Oral Contraceptive Pills Call for Indonesian Women to Take Control of Their Reproductive Health

Jakarta, Indonesia: In a single day, four Indonesian mothers will die giving birth. This means that one woman dies every six hours in this country due to pregnancy or natal issues[1]. This high maternal mortality rate should be of high importance to Indonesian women when considering the significance of their reproductive health. Factors to be considered are family planning by modern contraceptives and maintaining birth spacing by birth planning.

During the Andalan Contraceptive’s event, #AktifTanpaAnemia, Norina Veronica as the Andalan Contraceptives Product Manager said, “If women are able to make decisions regarding themselves, they may improve their health, future, and quality of life. Therefore, this year Andalan Contraceptives promotes #beranimenginsipirasi (brave to inspire) to urge Indonesian women to be brave in making decisions regarding their own bodies, specifically in matters regarding reproductive health.”

“Such decisions are, for example, choosing the right time to have a child, or when to get pregnant, or the number of children they want – and such decisions are based on their own will instead of other people’s opinion,” Norina continued.

In addition to high maternal mortality rates, anemia is also one of the most common health problems suffered by Indonesian women. One of three mothers in Indonesia suffers from anemia. Sixty percent of cases of anemia are caused by a lack of iron[2]. Meanwhile, a mother should be constantly active, so she can perform her many activities in a balanced way.

“To inspire Indonesian mothers to be continuously healthy and active, Andalan FE Oral contraceptive launches #AktifTanpaAnemia (active without anemia) by inviting mothers to plan for a family and also prevent anemia b,y consuming sufficient iron and living a balanced and healthy lifestyle while being active” the Andalan Contraceptives Product Manager explained.

Oral contraceptives are a preferred family planning method among Indonesian women. A gynecologist, Dr. Tirsa Verani, Sp.OG, explains the various benefits of the pill, including:

  • With less than 1% failure rate, oral contraceptives are effective in preventing pregnancy if taken regularly at the same time each day.
  • Consuming these pills can reduce menstrual pain. Some doctors even prescribe the oral contraceptive to lessen pain due to endometriosis.
  • The pills can balance hormones, so they may reduce pimples and do not cause dark spots on the face.
  • It reduces risk of ovarian cancer. New research assessing the health data of 1.9 million 19-to-49-year-old women found that the combined oral contraceptive, which contains the estrogen and progesterone hormones, might decrease ovarian cancer risk by up to 21 percent[3].
  • Oral contraceptives do not interfere with fertility if women stop consuming them when they want to plan a pregnancy.
  • Oral contraceptives are available in a low hormonal composition and are manufactured with an added-value of iron, such as Pil KB Andalan FE. Iron is necessary to reduce the anemia risk for women, specifically during their menstrual period.

Andalan Oral contraceptives have been trusted by millions of women in Indonesia to plan a family. Andalan FE Oral contraceptives can help women remain active and not be concerned with anemia during their menstrual cycle. The iron component (75 mg Ferrous Fumarate) equals to 24.75 mg of natural iron, and assists in the hemopoiesis process by encouraging red blood cell formation. In addition, Andalan FE Oral contraceptive contain hormones of progestin (0.15 mg levonorgestrel) and estrogen (0.03 mg ethinyl estradiol).

As a back up plan in family planning, women can benefit from an emergency contraceptive or Andalan Postpil. It can be taken if women forget to use contraceptives, to get a contraceptive injection, or to take their contraceptive pills. Postpil can protect and prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse without any contraceptives. The Postpil may deliver maximum benefit if it is consumed no later than five days or 120 hours after sexual intercourse. This emergency contraceptive pill contains 0.75 mg progesterone.

In order to inspire more Indonesian women by #AktifTanpaAnemia, the Andalan FE oral contraceptive invited media partners and mom influencers to a fun two-day staycation in Bogor. At the event, participants shared their family planning experiences, favorite contraceptive methods, and other parenting tips.

[1] World Bank’s 2017 Report

[2] Ministry of Health of the RI, 2017

[3] Lisa Iversen, British Medical Journal 2018; 362:k3609

Family Planning, Earlier is Better

Setidaknya ada 80 juta wanita dunia yang mengalami kejadian kehamilan tidak diinginkan per tahun. Sedangkan di Indonesia sendiri, ada sekitar 11,2 juta (14%) kejadian kehamilan yang tidak diinginkan setiap tahunnya. Faktanya, sekitar 41,8% dari kehamilan tidak diinginkan tersebut terjadi pada wanita muda berusia 17 tahun. Hal tersebut mengemuka dalam acara ‘Soirée with Andalan’ dengan tema ‘Family Planning, Earlier is Better’, yang diselenggarakan oleh Kontrasepsi Andalan di Suasana Restaurant, Jakarta.

Dalam acara yang juga ditujukan untuk menyambut perayaan Hari Keluarga Berencana Nasional dan Hari Populasi Sedunia ini, Aditya A. Putra, GM Family Planning & Reproductive Health DKT Indonesiayang juga membawahi Kontrasepsi Andalan mengungkapkan, “Berbicara soal populasi dan KB, tidak bisa dilepaskan dengan pembahasan seputar perencanaan kehamilan. Setiap kehamilan harus merupakan kehamilan yang dikehendaki. Untuk itu, penting bagi wanita muda untuk mengetahui tentang kontrasepsi dan perencanaan kehamilan sebelum memutuskan untuk menikah”.

“Setiap anak berhak mendapatkan kasih sayang yang cukup dari orang tuanya, sehingga kehadirannya perlu dipersiapkan secara matang. Di sisi lain, merupakan hak setiap wanita untuk dapat meraih impian dan cita-citanya. Oleh karena itu, mendorong pengetahuan mengenai kontrasepsi dan perencanaan kehamilan bagi wanita muda merupakan salah satu cara untuk memenuhi hak tersebut,” ujar Aditya menambahkan.

Ditemui dalam kegiatan yang sama, dr. Uf Bagazi, SpOG Spesialis Kandungan Brawijaya Women & Children Hospital menjelaskan “Penggunaan kontrasepsi memberi kekuatan dan hak bagi wanita untuk menjalani hidupnya sesuai dengan mimpi dan cita-citanya. Wanita yang mempunyai pengetahuan yang baik terkait kontrasepsi, maka ia akan mampu untuk menjaga kesehatan reproduksinya, sehingga dapat meningkatkan kualitas hidup, melakukan perencanaan keluarga dengan baik, dan mampu menghasilkan generasi berkualitas”.

Ketika wanita muda mengetahui pentingnya KB dan kontrasepsi sedari awal, banyak manfaat yang akan didapat di antaranya:

  • Terjaganya kesehatan reproduksi sehingga meminimalisir risiko penyakit yang berkaitan dengan organ reproduksi, seperti kanker payudara, kanker serviks dan lain sebagainya.
  • Mencegah terjadinya gangguan fisik dan psikologis akibat kehamilan yang tidak diinginkan,
  • Memiliki persiapan yang matang terkait dengan perencanaan kehamilan,
  • Dapat meningkatkan kualitas diri dan mewujudkan mimpinya, karena mempunyai waktu yang cukup untuk dirinya sendiri.
  • Mempererat hubungan dengan pasangannya,
  • Mampu memiliki waktu untuk mendidik dan membesarkan anak secara maksimal.

Sebagai salah satu brand kontrasepsi yang turut mendukung dan berpartisipasi aktif dalam menyukseskan program KB di Indonesia, Kontrasepsi Andalan hadir untuk menginspirasi wanita Indonesia akan pentingnya perencanaan kehamilan. Upaya tersebut telah dilakukan oleh Kontrasepsi Andalan di antaranya dengan menyediakan berbagai macam jenis dan pilihan metode kontrasepsi, antara lain IUD, implan, pil, KB suntik, dan juga kondom.

Saat ini, Kontrasepsi Andalan juga telah menghadirkan sebagai website panduan dalam menentukan metode kontrasepsi modern yang tepat bagi Anda. Mengingat hingga saat ini, masih banyak pasangan yang memiliki keterbatasan pengetahuan dan masih termakan mitos serta miskonsepsi seputar alat kontrasepsi, maka melalui web ini akan memberikan informasi yang benar dan tepat terkait dengan kontrasepsi. merupakan one stop information website mengenai wawasan kontrasepsi yang cocok untuk dikunjungi bagi Anda yang sedang belajar mengenai perencanaan kehamilan, dan ingin merencanakan program KB dalam waktu dekat”, ujar Aditya menegaskan.

Wanita adalah pondasi utama untuk perencanaan keluarga yang bahagia, dan dengan berkontrasepsi dapat membantu mewujudkan hal tersebut.

Hari Populasi Sedunia 2017: Gunakan Kondom Sebagai Dual Proteksi

Perayaan hari populasi sedunia menjadi momentum untuk menilik balik keberhasilan program Keluarga Berencana di Indonesia. Berdasarkan laporan terakhir PBB tahun 2017, jumlah populasi masyarakat dunia akan mencapai 9,8 milyar pada tahun 2050. Sedangkan Indonesia diperkirakan akan menjadi negara terbesar ke sembilan penyumbang pertumbuhan populasi tersebut. Saat ini, penguatan kontrasepsi sedang menjadi salah satu perhatian oleh Pemerintah untuk mengatasi isu populasi. Salah satunya melalui program Kondom Dual Proteksi.

“Sebagai salah satu alat kontrasepsi yang terjangkau dan efektif untuk mencegah kehamilan, kondom dapat menjadi salah satu pilihan favorit bagi pasangan dalam berkontrasepsi. Bahkan jika Anda telah menggunakan alat kontrasepsi lainnya, kondom masih penting untuk digunakan guna menjaga diri dari Infeksi Menular Seksual maupun HIV” Ungkap Pierre Frederick, Deputy GM Consumer Healthcare Unit PT. DKT International.

Program Kondom Dual Proteksi yang dititik-beratkan pada pasangan usia subur dan pasangan yang telah terinfeksi HIV dan IMS (Infeksi Menular Seksual) agar tidak menular ini, seharusnya lebih digalakkan lagi oleh masyarakat. Mengingat jumlah pengguna kondom di Indonesia saat ini masih belum meningkat secara signifikan, yaitu 3,16 persen dari jumlah pasangan usia subur peserta KB aktif.

Selain itu, Pierre yang juga membawahi Kondom Sutra dan Kondom Fiesta menambahkan “Lebih dari 80% orang yang terinfeksi HIV dan IMS disebabkan oleh aktivitas seksual yang berisiko. Untuk itu, sudah seharusnya menjadi perhatian bahwa promosi program Keluarga Berencana yang selama ini hanya menekankan pada pencegahan terhadap kehamilan, harus mulai lebih ditekankan dengan upaya untuk mencegah diri agar terhindar dari HIV dan IMS. Mengingat masyarakat Indonesia belum banyak memperoleh informasi akan pentingnya hal tersebut”.

Masyarakat yang masih menganggap tabu akan pendidikan seksual; Stigma terhadap orang yang membeli kondom; Hingga keengganan para lelaki memakai kondom merupakan beberapa kendala penyebab kurang berhasilnya program Kondom Dual Proteksi.

Selain itu, berikut beberapa keunggulan yang bisa didapat ketika masyarakat menggunakan kondom sebagai alat kontrasepsi:

  • 99 % efektif mencegah kehamilan bila digunakan dengan benar
  • Aman, praktis dan sangat terjangkau
  • Tidak memiliki risiko hormonal, juga tidak mengganggu kesehatan
  • Tidak mengganggu produksi ASI
  • Tidak memerlukan resep dokter atau pemeriksaan khusus sebelum digunakan
  • Semua orang dapat memakainya, karena penggunaan lateks memiliki risiko minimal
  • Dapat mengurangi risiko infeksi HPV (Human Papillomavirus)
  • Memberikan dorongan kepada lelaki untuk ikut ber-KB
  • Dapat meningkatkan keharmonisan rumah tangga, karena saat ini kondom yang beredar dipasaran memiliki berbagai fitur dan fungsi yang inovatif untuk meningkatkan keintiman

DKT International terus berupaya untuk meningkatkan kesadaran terhadap pentingnya penggunaan kondom di Indonesia melalui Sutra dan Fiesta. “Manfaat kondom sebagai metode kontrasepsi yang terjangkau, mudah digunakan, aman, dan tidak memiliki risiko hormonal menjadi alasan mengapa alat kontrasepsi ini dapat menjadi pilihan favorit bagi pasangan” Tutup Pierre.

Pada tahun 2017 ini, DKT International juga telah mengkampanyekan ‘Ubah Hidup Lo’ sebagai kampanye sosial untuk mendidik masyarakat Indonesia mengenai pentingnya langkah pencegahan diri terhadap HIV dengan TTM (Tahan Diri, Tetap Setia, Main Aman).

Ubah Hidup Lo dengan ‘TTM’

Kurangnya kesadaran dan pengetahuan masyarakat mengenai bahaya virus HIV dan Infeksi Menular Seksual (IMS) lainnya membuat Sutra mengusung Ubah Hidup Lo (#UbahHidupLo) sebagai kampanye sosial di tahun 2017. Seperti diketahui bahwa penyebaran HIV serta IMS lainnya di Indonesia semakin meningkat pada masyarakat umum, tidak terkecuali pada kalangan Ibu Rumah Tangga. Salah satu hal yang memicu fenomena tersebut adalah rendahnya kesadaran masyarakat akan pentingnya perilaku hidup sehat, serta minimnya akses untuk mendapatkan pengetahuan mengenai bahaya penyebaran sekaligus pencegahan virus HIV dan IMS di Indonesia.

“Kalau biasanya kita mengenal istilah ABC (Abstinence, Be Faithful, Use a Condom), kali ini Kami mengemas langkah pencegahan tersebut dengan pendekatan yang berbeda agar lebih mudah di mengerti dan dengan menggunakan slogan yang sudah dikenal di masyarakat yaitu TTM: Tahan Diri dengan tidak melakukan hubungan seksual sebelum menikah; selanjutnya Tetap Setia dengan pasangan Anda; dan yang terakhir, Main Aman atau selalu menggunakan kondom pada saat melakukan hubungan seksual berisiko” Ungkap Daniel Tirta, Brand Manager Kondom Sutra.

Lebih lanjut Daniel menjelaskan “Kampanye #UbahHidupLo bertujuan untuk mengedukasi masyarakat agar mengubah gaya hidup menjadi lebih sehat. #UbahHidupLo pertama kali diluncurkan pada Januari lalu di media digital melalui sebuah video infografik, dan berhasil menempati trending topic twitter nomor 1 di Indonesia. Selain itu, saat ini kami juga melakukan kegiatan sosialisasi #UbahHidupLo di beberapa daerah di Indonesia dengan bekerja-sama bersama Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat (LSM) dan aparat setempat. Diharapkan, semua unsur yang terlibat dapat memberikan kontribusi yang berarti untuk memutus mata rantai penularan virus HIV dan IMS”.

“Sesuai dengan tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (SDG 2030), Kementerian Kesehatan RI telah menargetkan untuk menurunkan angka infeksi baru HIV pada tahun 2030, menurunkan angka kematian terkait HIV, serta menghapus stigma terkait dengan HIV-AIDS di Indonesia. Untuk itu, Sutra perlu untuk mendukung pemerintah dalam menyukseskan tujuan global tersebut melalui kampanye #UbahHidupLo ini” ungkap Daniel menjelaskan.

Kegiatan sosialisasi #UbahHidupLo rencananya akan dilakukan di berbagai daerah di Indonesia di sepanjang tahun 2017. Pada bulan Maret hingga April 2017 ini, Sutra telah menyasar populasi berisiko yang berada di pelabuhan pulau Jawa di antaranya: Tanjung Priok, Sunda Kelapa, Tanjung Mas, Tanjung Perak, Cirebon, serta Pelabuhan Merak. Sedangkan pada bulan Juli hingga Oktober 2017  mendatang, program ini juga akan dilaksanakan di pelabuhan di pulau Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, NTT, dan Kalimantan. Kegiatan sosialisasi tersebut dikemas dengan pendekatan edutainment agar mudah dipahami oleh masyarakat. Selain itu Kondom Sutra juga membagikan materi edukasi berupa komik dan brosur mengenai bahaya dan pencegahan virus HIV dan IMS lainnya.

Sebagai brand terdepan di Indonesia yang selalu peduli terhadap isu pencegahan HIV, Kondom Sutra selalu berupaya melakukan sosialisasi pencegahan HIV-AIDS serta IMS di kalangan masyarakat umum, seperti capacity building terhadap upaya penanggulangan HIV-AIDS di Indonesia kepada seluruh stakeholder baik LSM, Pemerintah, maupun Aparat; Mendorong pengetahuan tentang bahaya HIV dan IMS melalui media massa; serta memberikan kemudahan keterjangkauan kondom untuk kalangan menengah ke bawah.

“Melalui #UbahHidupLo, Kami berharap dapat menginspirasi masyarakat Indonesia untuk dapat mengubah perilaku menjadi lebih sehat” tutup Daniel.

Tonton infografik #UbahHidupLo pada link berikut:

The Significance of Postpartum IUD Insertion

Five million births take place annually in Indonesia. However, only less than 30 percent of mothers immediately decide for Family Planning. Meanwhile, the Postpartum Family Planning have a significant effect to decrease the Mother Mortality Rate (MMR), increase a long-term contraceptive users figure. Therefore, Andalan Contraceptives and JNPK-KR held Training for Medical Trainers, i.e. “Provincial Postpartum IUD TOT”in March 2017. The training is aimed to improve the competence of medical personnel (physicians and midwives) on postpartum IUD insertion. It was held in Semarang, Serang, Makassar, Jakarta, and Medan and supported by the Health Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia, BKKBN, POGI, and IBI. Medical trainers from the regency level and trainers of Pusat Pelatihan Klinis Sekunder (P2KS), as the network of JNPK-KR, joined this training.

Basuki Dwi Harjanto, Family Planning & Reproductive Health Deputy GM of DKT Indonesia, who also heads Andalan Contraceptives, revealed that “Many Indonesian women lack in understanding the significance of Postpartum birth control. IUD is one of the best birth control methods which can be used postpartum, due to its effectiveness, safety, and comfort. Thus, Andalan introduces the IUD insertion method using an inserter, i.e. a more practical, easier, and more sterile method.”

“This Provincial Postpartum IUD TOT continues the National TOT and is aimed to create reliable, knowledgeable and skillful trainers, especially on the postpartum IUD insertion. In the future, these trainers are expected to have an action plan in order to socialize this new method to providers on their respective place,” explained Basuki.

Such event taught trainers a technique to insert the IUD Andalan Tcu 380A Postpartum using a special inserter. This inserter eliminates the need for a forceps in inserting IUD. Therefore, it makes the Postpartum IUD insertion easier and results on a safer and more sterile final result. By a correct inserter method, the IUD expulsion figure can decrease for the postpartum birth control participants.

“Along this time, a conventional IUD inserter does not have any sufficient length to reach the post-partum fundus uteri. So, we need other instrument to assist in inserting the IUD into the uterus. Moreover, a convention IUD string is too short to be seen following the postpartum IUD insertion. This IUD Andalan Tcu 380A Postpartum can answer such problem,” added Basuki.

“Pilihanku” (My Choice) Programme, have a mission to improve the Indonesian people’s knowledge on choices of contraceptive tools, medicines, and methods, including post-partum Family Planning. The “Pilihanku” Programme is also aimed to improve the long-term IUD and Implant use in Indonesia.

“In developing countries, such Indonesia, many people do not know that they have various available contraceptives in an affordable price. Meanwhile, the use of contraceptives is a significant factor to plan a happy and prosperous family,” concluded Basuki.

Confused How to Explain About Reproductive Health to Your Teenagers? Here Comes the Solution!

Talking about sexual and reproductive health is a problem commonly avoided by most parents. They still feel it is taboo to discuss on such issue with their teenagers. Meanwhile, parents should become the best friend of their teenagers, especially related to the sexual and reproductive education. Thus, DKT Indonesia presents the “Safety Can Be Fun” Sexual Health Training Booklet to facilitate Indonesian parents in preparing their teenagers, especially on the understanding of the sexual and reproductive health.

“Based on our most recent research, it is important for parents to discuss the sexual and reproductive health with their teenagers using an informal approach. However, teenagers are not comfortable to discuss such issues with their parents and vice versa. In addition, parents may not know the proper approach to initiate the discussion. It makes teenagers very vulnerable to incorrect information on sexual and reproductive issues. Furthermore, they may also be trapped in the false question or myth, as they prefer to search information on the internet or share their thoughts with their peers, who have the same problem of lacking knowledge on the sexual and reproductive health” explained Sutan Musa, Brand Manager in DKT Indonesia.

Pierre Frederick as the Deputy GM of DKT Indonesia added “DKT Indonesia is a social marketing organization aimed to improve public awareness on the importance of a healthy life through the successful Family Planning and HIV-AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections prevention programme. So, we are responsible to continuously assist the government in educating people on the importance of sexual and reproductive health in Indonesia. Besides, our respective communication activity always emphasizes on the importance of Abstinence approach as an early prevention”.

“Nowadays, teenagers have indeed learned about the sexual and reproductive health in schools. However, such topic is usually discussed merely on the biological or theoretical side. The schools do not discuss the sexual and reproductive health in details or from the psychological point of view. Meanwhile, an informal approach from parents to their teenagers is really important. So, teenagers can be more open and have a close tie to their parents. Therefore, parents can protect their teenagers from a risky behavior. Plus, internet access is very easy now. We must not let Indonesian youth to get Sexual Education from a wrong source,” added Pierre.

During the Safety Can Be fun media meeting, Usep Solehuddin as the Secretary of Yayasan Pelita Ilmu and a Public Health Expert stated that “The knowledge level of Indonesian teenagers on the sexual and reproductive health is still low, especially on how to protect themselves against the reproductive health risks, such as a psychological change triggered by hormone. Here the parents should come to rescue. They should guide their children by becoming a good sounding board. Correct information on sexual education is very important to increase the understanding and protect teenagers. So, they can think before taking any actions”.

Using easily comprehended language and engaging visual ads, the “Safety Can Be Fun” Sexual Health Training Booklet is an alternative for parents, who want to discuss the sexual and reproductive health with their teenagers. The Booklet provides several important materials on the sexual education, such as:

a) Information on the reproductive health,
b) Information on physical and emotional changes,
c) Hormonal changes on teenagers and how to cope with them,
d) Safe dating for teenagers,
e) Information on Sexually Transmitted Infections (IMS)
f) And suggestions to “Think before Act”

In addition, parents can choose suitable materials for their teenagers.

“By this Booklet, we hope that we can help to facilitate parents in discussing the sexual and reproductive health with their teenagers So, Indonesian youngsters can protect themselves with the positive reproductive health information and disseminate such positive information to other persons” added Pierre.

Download the “Safety Can Be Fun” Sexual Health Training Booklet via this link: