DKT Women Leader: Indah Muljani, DKT Indonesia Program Manager for Family Planning & HIV-AIDS Prevention

 “It has been my passion to work for community empowerment and sustainability. And DKT Indonesia’s vision and mission is aligned with my goals” says  Indah Muljani, DKT Indonesia Program Manager who has been working with the DKT since 2018.
Indah Muljani is one of DKT Indonesia’s women leader  who works  with her passion. Indah’s role  in DKT Indonesia is to help vulnerable women in the rural areas in Indonesia to be able to make decisions and independently willing and conscious to access family planning services in order to use LARCs, and generally empowering Indonesian women to use contraceptives. 

 “I started My career since 20 years ago, at that  time I work in the field of community development to increase  competencies of the people in this community throughout many aspects such as the source of income, education, and health awareness” she explains. “And then I continue to work as a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager in one of biggest mining  companies  in Indonesia”.

Indah is a very experienced trainer, and has a lot of experience in mentoring, coaching, and giving technical assistance for human attitude and behavioural changes with a periodic counseling approach. In DKT Indonesia, Indah is one of the women leaders who orchestrate family planning socialization programs to the grassroots communities. Indah managed to lead her team to design a communication campaign tailored to each of the target group characteristics.

“I’m very fortunate to have my family planning knowledge from my mother because she was a Posyandu (integrated healthcare center) cadre for the local community. One of her roles is to influence new mothers  to use contraceptives” Indah reveals.

During her work in DKT Indonesia, Indah has been giving contraceptive balance counseling transfer knowledge to at least 500 family planning cadre/communicators; she works with 290 midwives in terms of capacity building, and persuade more than 11,000 women to use LARCs (IUDs and Implants). “In 2021 we plan to give mentoring and training to around 1,400 family planning communicators which are expected to reach 168,000 fertile couples in Indonesia to give family planning counselling” Indah says.

“During the covid-19 pandemic, we are required to quickly adapt and be able to communicate our program through technology considering face-to-face communication extension activities are decreasing in intensity due to the pandemic Covid-19. However, we can overcome this challenge with various counseling via digital” She further explains.

“I really enjoy my role in DKT Indonesia because of the organization value: ‘Improving People’s Lives’ is really implemented and executed, and that for sure. Sharing my knowledge and giving back to the community are my life goals. And in the future, I hope I can give more contribution to achieve DKT’s vision and mission” She says softly and then ended the conversation.

1. Technical assistance and community empowerment
2. Organizational development for community development
3. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
4. Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist