DKT Indonesia Launches #beranidekat, Encouraging Indonesians to Speak Up About Reproductive Health

Jakarta, Indonesia: As the largest contraceptive social marketing organization in the country, improving access to contraceptives is one of DKT Indonesia’s key missions. As shown in Indonesia Demographic Health Survey 2017, there was a 4 percent decrease in modern contraceptive use by youth aged 15-29 years. The data reported that while people were moving toward a more progressive point of view on reproductive health, their point of view on contraceptives remained traditional. To address this challenge, DKT has launched the #beranidekat #beraniDKT (Brave to Get Closer, Be Brave with DKT) campaign to reframe the way Indonesians see contraceptives.

The campaign is based on the idea that Indonesians can take their reproductive health into their own hands by being knowledgeable about it. Education includes the consequences and risks of sex as well as an emphasis on breaking the taboo around the topic. The #beranidekat campaign seeks to highlight contraceptives as a basic human health tool that can protect Indonesian families.

Juan Enrique Garcia, the Director of DKT Indonesia asserts that “Berani Dekat means that DKT Indonesia aims to get “closer” to the Indonesian people in order to encourage them to speak up and be brave enough to change their perception about reproductive health and contraception. DKT Indonesia has served Indonesians for more than 23 years, and every year DKT protects more than eight million couples who use family planning methods and prevents 1,100 maternal mortality and 5,500 infant mortality deaths.”

The #beranidekat campaign will consist of two main activities: DKT digital content educating people about their reproductive health and contraceptive knowledge; and a pop-up booth targeting millennials, which will be held in various shopping malls in five cities. The booth will emphasize our ‘be brave’ message and inspire Indonesians to make the decision to stand for their reproductive health rights. It will include a fun, educational game and a quiz.

“We strive to realize a healthy Indonesia, and we want people to know that whoever and wherever you are, DKT Indonesia is always there to protect you. We help you to make the right decision by presenting many reproductive health choices and support you to plan a healthy and happy family, so your life may be more meaningful,” adds Mr. Garcia.

In addition to collaborating with the Indonesian government, in this case the Ministry of Health and BKKBN (National Family Planning Board), in the Family Planning and HIV Prevention programs, DKT Indonesia’s campaigns are designed to emphasize female empowerment. DKT Indonesia also partnered with healthcare professionals, such as midwives and doctors, for building capacity related to modern contraceptive technology. The partnership also aims to encourage such professionals to provide female-friendly services.

As of 2018, DKT Indonesia has protected more than 85 million couples in Indonesia from unplanned pregnancies and distributed more than 1.9 billion condoms to support HIV prevention. “With the #beranidekat #beraniDKT campaign, we are committed to make Indonesia a better place where every child is born because they are wanted, and every family has comprehensive information to choose the right contraception for them. And we constantly try to protect and be closer to the people,” said the Director of DKT Indonesia.

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