About DKT Indonesia

DKT International is a social marketing pioneer, which is located in Washington DC, USA and engaged in the family planning sector. The institution was founded by Mr. Phil Harvey, under a vision to be a bold and innovative foundation in order to improve people's lives.

DKT International is running 21 programs in 20 developing countries, which accommodate 61% of the world population. DKT International implements social marketing program under the standard calculation of per CYP or Couple Years of Protection. CYP is an estimated number of couples protected from pregnancy by using contraceptives within one year, which is calculated on the basis of total contraceptives sold or distributed during such period. It takes 100 condoms to protect one CYP.

DKT International has been in Indonesia since 1996. It began with a condom product branded as Sutra. Then, it developed the Kontrasepsi Andalan brand in 2000, and Fiesta condoms came in 2003. It was a fairly significant achievement as the DKT’s contribution in implementing programs for family planning and prevention of sexually transmitted infection including HIV.

In 2016, DKT international managed to reach more than 8.3 million CYPs. To date, DKT Indonesia has distributed over 1.6 billion condoms in terms of all its brands since 1996

Through social marketing strategies, DKT provides contraceptives. One of them is best quality and reasonable priced condoms. DKT products can be found in tens of thousands of stores, from pharmacies, supermarkets, to midwives and traditional kiosks. DKT is actively involved in educational campaigns and dissemination of information to alter risky behavior into safer behavior.

DKT reaches millions of people in need of information about HIV/AIDS, family planning, and reproductive health, via TV, radio, and print media. DKT's initiatives can quickly adapt to changes in the society. Thus, DKT is always able to arrange innovative and effective programs.


DKT Indonesia is an innovative and adventurous social
marketing enterprise that improves people’s live.


DKT Indonesia improves the quality of life among high-risk and low-income groups
by preventing HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies
using a strategy of social marketing.

What We Do
Contraceptive Social Marketing

Since 1996, DKT Indonesia’s core mission has been to provide safe and affordable options for HIV prevention and family planning through social marketing. Today, DKT Indonesia served over 7 million couples in 2015, using standard conversion factors for Couple Years of Protection (CYPs). This figure makes DKT one of the largest private providers of contraceptives and family planning services in Indonesia.

Family Planning: Reaching the Poor

DKT places a major emphasis on educating and empowering groups with particular needs, such as poor women, youth and adolescents, and marginalized populations so that they can fully understand and capitalize on their available reproductive health options. For example, one of the keys to DKT’s success in Indonesia has been the Andalan (meaning “reliable”) social franchising of midwives. In Indonesia, DKT is a strong supporter of midwives, who are the main providers of reproductive health services for the lower income and rural segments of Indonesian society. DKT Indonesia reaches an estimated 10,000 midwives monthly, providing materials, technical support and products. DKT has trained over 50,000 midwives in intrauterine device (IUD) and implant insertion and removal.

© 2017 DKT Indonesia. All Rights Reserved.


© 2017 DKT Indonesia. All Rights Reserved.