In 2000, DKT established the Andalan franchise, helping midwives to distribute condoms and other family planning products. There are approximately 50,000 Andalan midwives in Indonesia, and they provide the vast majority of reproductive health and family planning care to lower and middle-income women in the country.

The Andalan franchise is a one-stop solution for family planning products, including IUDs, implants, injection, oral contraceptives, emergency contraception, and condoms. DKT offers private midwives incentive-based sales contracts and, in return, supports the franchised midwives in the areas of promotion and capacity building. The network is currently made up of 4,144 franchisees located throughout Indonesia, with the highest concentrations on the islands of Java and Sumatra.

The Andalan franchise is unique in that it is customer and sales oriented, and has achieved financial sustainability through a well-defined strategy of offering high quality and low-cost branded products.

This strategy has allowed the organization to remain profitable while serving lower middle-income women.

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