Raising the Awareness of Contraceptive Use in Indonesia

World Contraception Day which was fell on September 26, became the momentum to re-evaluate the public awareness of contraceptive use in Indonesia, which is the fourth most populous country in the world with a population about 259.4 million people. It is estimated, in 2050, Indonesia experienced a population surge as much as 40% which is about 360 million people. It is evocate the importance of contraceptive use to the success of the family planning’s program, which led to the quality of family well-being in many aspects.

Director DKT International, Juan Enrique , reveals “Currently, the percentage of married women using modern contraception in Indonesia still not meet the target of Sustainable Development Goals, which is 60% of the target 65%. While the maternal mortality rate is still high which is 126 cases of the target 102 cases”.

“On the other hand, the numbers of unmet need for family planning is still 8.5 percent of 5 percent as target” continues Mr. Garcia.Furthermore, the Director of DKT International adds “One of the main causes of Indonesia not achieving the target of SDGs in terms of contraception is a myth that the birth control has an effect on women’s health. In fact, the assumption is wrong. Contraception helps to improve the health of a mother and her children”.

Research has demonstrated that the contraception is the simplest investment in family planning to save people’s lives and dramatically improve the quality of maternal and child health. On a global scale, contraception is playing the most important role across-sectors and contribute the most to the long-term of sustainable development goals. In short, with family planning and birth spacing, we could increase the economic welfare of the family, the community, as well as the nation.

Through its organization, DKT International, which is present in Indonesia since 1996 has helped change the paradigm of family planning by using social marketing, and contributing about 18 percent of the family planning prevalence figures in Indonesia. In 2015, DKT International managed to achieve the target of 7.731 million CYP (Couple Years Protection), with a cumulative that reaches more than 68 million CYP.

Like most women’s beauty products, promotional campaigns of modern contraceptives should be packed with an easy style to understand and be able to attract people to use it. With various types of contraceptive products i.e. Andalan, Sutra Condoms and Fiesta Condoms, DKT expect to increase the public awareness of Indonesia’s contraceptive use for the realization of sustainable development goals and improve the quality of life for the better future.

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