The Significance of Postpartum IUD Insertion

Five million births take place annually in Indonesia. However, only less than 30 percent of mothers immediately decide for Family Planning. Meanwhile, the Postpartum Family Planning have a significant effect to decrease the Mother Mortality Rate (MMR), increase a long-term contraceptive users figure. Therefore, Andalan Contraceptives and JNPK-KR held Training for Medical Trainers, i.e. “Provincial Postpartum IUD TOT”in March 2017. The training is aimed to improve the competence of medical personnel (physicians and midwives) on postpartum IUD insertion. It was held in Semarang, Serang, Makassar, Jakarta, and Medan and supported by the Health Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia, BKKBN, POGI, and IBI. Medical trainers from the regency level and trainers of Pusat Pelatihan Klinis Sekunder (P2KS), as the network of JNPK-KR, joined this training.

Basuki Dwi Harjanto, Family Planning & Reproductive Health Deputy GM of DKT Indonesia, who also heads Andalan Contraceptives, revealed that “Many Indonesian women lack in understanding the significance of Postpartum birth control. IUD is one of the best birth control methods which can be used postpartum, due to its effectiveness, safety, and comfort. Thus, Andalan introduces the IUD insertion method using an inserter, i.e. a more practical, easier, and more sterile method.”

“This Provincial Postpartum IUD TOT continues the National TOT and is aimed to create reliable, knowledgeable and skillful trainers, especially on the postpartum IUD insertion. In the future, these trainers are expected to have an action plan in order to socialize this new method to providers on their respective place,” explained Basuki.

Such event taught trainers a technique to insert the IUD Andalan Tcu 380A Postpartum using a special inserter. This inserter eliminates the need for a forceps in inserting IUD. Therefore, it makes the Postpartum IUD insertion easier and results on a safer and more sterile final result. By a correct inserter method, the IUD expulsion figure can decrease for the postpartum birth control participants.

“Along this time, a conventional IUD inserter does not have any sufficient length to reach the post-partum fundus uteri. So, we need other instrument to assist in inserting the IUD into the uterus. Moreover, a convention IUD string is too short to be seen following the postpartum IUD insertion. This IUD Andalan Tcu 380A Postpartum can answer such problem,” added Basuki.

“Pilihanku” (My Choice) Programme, have a mission to improve the Indonesian people’s knowledge on choices of contraceptive tools, medicines, and methods, including post-partum Family Planning. The “Pilihanku” Programme is also aimed to improve the long-term IUD and Implant use in Indonesia.

“In developing countries, such Indonesia, many people do not know that they have various available contraceptives in an affordable price. Meanwhile, the use of contraceptives is a significant factor to plan a happy and prosperous family,” concluded Basuki.

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