Andalan FE Oral Contraceptive Pills Call for Indonesian Women to Take Control of Their Reproductive Health

Jakarta, Indonesia: In a single day, four Indonesian mothers will die giving birth. This means that one woman dies every six hours in this country due to pregnancy or natal issues[1]. This high maternal mortality rate should be of high importance to Indonesian women when considering the significance of their reproductive health. Factors to be considered are family planning by modern contraceptives and maintaining birth spacing by birth planning.

During the Andalan Contraceptive’s event, #AktifTanpaAnemia, Norina Veronica as the Andalan Contraceptives Product Manager said, “If women are able to make decisions regarding themselves, they may improve their health, future, and quality of life. Therefore, this year Andalan Contraceptives promotes #beranimenginsipirasi (brave to inspire) to urge Indonesian women to be brave in making decisions regarding their own bodies, specifically in matters regarding reproductive health.”

“Such decisions are, for example, choosing the right time to have a child, or when to get pregnant, or the number of children they want – and such decisions are based on their own will instead of other people’s opinion,” Norina continued.

In addition to high maternal mortality rates, anemia is also one of the most common health problems suffered by Indonesian women. One of three mothers in Indonesia suffers from anemia. Sixty percent of cases of anemia are caused by a lack of iron[2]. Meanwhile, a mother should be constantly active, so she can perform her many activities in a balanced way.

“To inspire Indonesian mothers to be continuously healthy and active, Andalan FE Oral contraceptive launches #AktifTanpaAnemia (active without anemia) by inviting mothers to plan for a family and also prevent anemia b,y consuming sufficient iron and living a balanced and healthy lifestyle while being active” the Andalan Contraceptives Product Manager explained.

Oral contraceptives are a preferred family planning method among Indonesian women. A gynecologist, Dr. Tirsa Verani, Sp.OG, explains the various benefits of the pill, including:

  • With less than 1% failure rate, oral contraceptives are effective in preventing pregnancy if taken regularly at the same time each day.
  • Consuming these pills can reduce menstrual pain. Some doctors even prescribe the oral contraceptive to lessen pain due to endometriosis.
  • The pills can balance hormones, so they may reduce pimples and do not cause dark spots on the face.
  • It reduces risk of ovarian cancer. New research assessing the health data of 1.9 million 19-to-49-year-old women found that the combined oral contraceptive, which contains the estrogen and progesterone hormones, might decrease ovarian cancer risk by up to 21 percent[3].
  • Oral contraceptives do not interfere with fertility if women stop consuming them when they want to plan a pregnancy.
  • Oral contraceptives are available in a low hormonal composition and are manufactured with an added-value of iron, such as Pil KB Andalan FE. Iron is necessary to reduce the anemia risk for women, specifically during their menstrual period.

Andalan Oral contraceptives have been trusted by millions of women in Indonesia to plan a family. Andalan FE Oral contraceptives can help women remain active and not be concerned with anemia during their menstrual cycle. The iron component (75 mg Ferrous Fumarate) equals to 24.75 mg of natural iron, and assists in the hemopoiesis process by encouraging red blood cell formation. In addition, Andalan FE Oral contraceptive contain hormones of progestin (0.15 mg levonorgestrel) and estrogen (0.03 mg ethinyl estradiol).

As a back up plan in family planning, women can benefit from an emergency contraceptive or Andalan Postpil. It can be taken if women forget to use contraceptives, to get a contraceptive injection, or to take their contraceptive pills. Postpil can protect and prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse without any contraceptives. The Postpil may deliver maximum benefit if it is consumed no later than five days or 120 hours after sexual intercourse. This emergency contraceptive pill contains 0.75 mg progesterone.

In order to inspire more Indonesian women by #AktifTanpaAnemia, the Andalan FE oral contraceptive invited media partners and mom influencers to a fun two-day staycation in Bogor. At the event, participants shared their family planning experiences, favorite contraceptive methods, and other parenting tips.

[1] World Bank’s 2017 Report

[2] Ministry of Health of the RI, 2017

[3] Lisa Iversen, British Medical Journal 2018; 362:k3609

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