With ‘Berani Berencana’ (Brave to Plan), DKT Indonesia Encourages Indonesian Youth to ‘Take CTRL’ of The Future!

Did you know? It is estimated that 500,000 Indonesian female adolescents get pregnant each year, and 10 percent of adolescent girls aged 15-19 years old have already given birth or are currently pregnant[1]. Furthermore, only 52.7 percent of Indonesian youths have comprehensive knowledge about reproductive health[2]. The lack of access to reproductive health education in Indonesia is the main reason for these problems.

In August 2018, DKT Indonesia officially launched the Berani Berencana (Brave to Plan) program, a reproductive health education platform for Indonesian youths which is wrapped with a fun and reliable message. This program aims to improve Indonesian youths’ reproductive health knowledge with messages and approaches which suit young people.

In 2018, Berani Berencana educated 34,000 students at 209 high schools in 11 Indonesian cities. So far, more than 17 thousand young people are following Berani Berencana on Facebook and more than 6,100 on Instagram. On its Facebook and Instagram platforms, Berani Berencana develops daily educational content consisting of sexual health information, including basic knowledge of contraceptives, healthy relationship tips for the youths, as well as life planning tips. There is also a monthly Instagram live program with a youth influencer and expert, such as a doctor or psychologist. This program highlights themes related to reproductive and adolescent psychological issues, such as #selflove which was promoted in February 2019 to encourage Indonesian youths to love themselves unconditionally before they love others. Moreover, there is a monthly YouTube video, each with a different theme that could be enjoyed by youth while improving their knowledge about reproductive health.

Meanwhile, for its on-ground activities in 2019, Berani Berencana plans to recruit 180 Berani Berencana Ambassadors from 45 high schools in nine cities in Indonesia. All 45 schools will also send a teacher to assist the Ambassadors. These Ambassadors will be peer educators encouraging their friends on reproductive health education and also strengthening the school’s health program in their respective areas.

In addition, Berani Berencana plans to do a University Roadshow in nine universities in six Indonesian cities this year. The University Roadshow program will include a fun talk show, fun games, a mock up art installation, and sports activities.

For youth who want to share their issues on reproductive health and relationships, Berani Berencana also provides free consultation on the LINE Application @beraniberencana, website, and also WhatsApp number +6281113104512.

Follow the social media of Berani Berencana on:

Instagram:      @beraniberencana

Facebook:       Berani Berencana

Line:                @beraniberencana

Youtube:         Berani Berencana

Website:         Beraniberencana.com

[1] Joint Study of UGM & JHUCCP 2017

[2] BKKBN Data 2017

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